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I have been seriously working for several reputed organizations on Statistics, GIS, DBMS, developing the IT Infrastructure, introducing new technologies / concepts and subject areas; etc., and training officers on Information Technology, Analysis, DBMS, Web-Development, many types of common Application Software and rear but very useful software such as SPSS, IMPS, CSPro, MapInfo, ArcGIS, Tableau, etc.;

 As an example, I have developed the GIS Framework and automated Map output system to deliver required GIS outputs with international standards for the upcoming online Census within 1.5 years which was hanging for many, many years. Also, I have developed Analysis Frameworks for creating Population Atlas Series and the Economic Atlas using a very short time.

 Also, I have been working for different well-reputed org. such as UNDP, UN-ILO, IUCN, Department of Census & Statistics, Presidential Task Forces, Elections Department, etc. while providing my service for creating and introducing many IT, DBMS, Statistics, GIS, and Web-based solutions as mentioned in my Curriculum Vitae.

I’m sharing my CV here to inform you about the details of my career and to support my application. It shows that I would bring

important skills to the position, including:

•Creating conceptual designs for information systems & design – Eg: Creating SBR with Universal ID for Economic Establishments, GIS Frameworks for Online Censuses & Surveys, Sri Lanka Disaster Management Information System, etc.

•Data Processing, Analysis & Reporting

•Census, Survey Design, and Processing

•Creating and introducing IT / Analysis based solutions

•Information System / Database Design & Management

•Many Applications and Training on GIS

•Training in IT, App Software, Statistics, Analysis, etc.

•IT Infras Development


Eg: http://www.statistics.gov.lk/EconomicCensus/DCS_IndCondTtradeService_Atlas_2014_Final.pdf




 Hope your esteemed organization would provide me an opportunity to serve you and develop your organization.

Thank you for considering my application and look forward to hearing from you.

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